Planning a day out with friends but tired of going shopping at the same old places or watching the same movies again and again? If you want to do something different plan for activities that are both new and unique. Here are five unique activities to do with your friends.


Hiking is one of the activities that give you both fun and exercise at the same time. It is known to reduce stress levels as well as control body weight. Choose a trail that all the members in your group can follow and check the weather before you start. Don’t forget to pack all the essential items which includes sun protection, a flashlight or a headlamp, enough water and first aid. Also remember to keep a map of the area with you and inform someone outside your group about where you will be going.


If hiking feels like a lot of work, then rafting will work for you. This is always a good option if everyone in your group knows the right swimming techniques. But never worry since there will always be professionals at your rafting centre to help you out. Just remember to wear your lifejacket and other protective gear, and choose a professional rafting outfitter who is well experienced. Also your outerwear has to suit the season of the year as you need to be comfortable during the trip.

Hot Air Ballooning

Looking for an activity that’s both adventurous but still lets you enjoy some peace. Choose hot air ballooning for your next holiday. Just like when hiking, check the weather before you book a ride at hot air balloon melbourne. Book early so that you will still have time to reschedule your flight in case the trip gets cancelled due to bad weather. What you wear will matter. Skirts will certainly not suit due to the wind and therefore jeans, trousers and shorts are the better option. Remember the air up there is chilly so prepare clothes to shield yourself from the cold as well.


Here is another fun and unique activity that is becoming popular among the youth. But before you go on your adventure you need to be well prepared. Caving can be dangerous if you are not careful enough. You will need much energy for the whole trip so it is very important to know your limits. This is not for those with claustrophobia. Always take the right gear with you; a helmet, knee and elbow pads and gloves. You will also need to take water and food with you along with a flashlight or a headlamp with a few extra batteries.

Rock Climbing

Need a little more challenge? Here is your chance. But this is something you need to be good at first before going off in big adventures. Many experts suggest that learning the proper techniques of rock climbing is important for your safety. You will have to be physically fit to perform the whole activity so if anyone of your group is recovering from a recent illness or an injury, then your rock climbing activity has to be postponed. Always wear comfortable clothes and the right shoes for climbing.

Try out something new for your next vacation. All the effort you put into it will all be worth it as it gives you a thrilling experience that you’ll never forget.



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